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Getting a Good Value for Your Bullion at a Pawn Shop


New regulations and lending solutions on the market mean that getting a good value for your bullion at a pawn shop has never been easier. No longer the preserve of the very wealthy, now investors at more modest levels of savings can borrow money against their accumulated gold and silver bullion. Verde Loans is an online service which connects Los Angeles residents with the best pawn loans available for their gold or silver bullion. 



An Alternative to Selling Your Gold and Silver Bullion


Gold prices and silver prices can fluctuate, meaning that buying and selling gold and silver has some inherent risk. That said, bullion loans offer a number of benefits. You can get cash liquidity while you maintain ownership of the asset and benefit from its capital appreciation. Precious metal collateral loans generally offer low interest rates, since the risk to the lender is typically low. They offer flexibility to applicants, because loans of this type often require little in the way of credit checks and can be provided quickly. For investors seeking discretion, these loans offer greater peace of mind.


Perhaps most appealing of all, though, is the allure of taking out a loan on your gold bars while their value increases higher than the interest rate on the loan: essentially free cash in hand. This advantage is compounded by the fact that bullion loans as a means of raising capital does not incur tax in the same way that liquidating gold, silver, or platinum does. Selling bullion can make the vendor liable for capital gains tax on the sale. If there is no sale— if money is borrowed with bullion as collateral— no tax event occurs.

Why Use a Pawn Shop?


Some people have negative associations with pawn shops. The fact of the matter is that pawnbrokers offer financial services such as collateral loans that are used all the time by high net worth individuals without shame. If a pawnbroker can offer a better collateral loan rate for your bullion than another service that claims to specialize in gold or in services for HNW individuals, you should go with the service giving you better bang for your buck. Verde Loans works with numerous pawnbrokers in order to find the most favorable rates available.

Cash In Your Coins and Bullion with a Loan


Verde Loans offers the option of receiving offers for your gold and silver coins or bullion without even having to leave the house. The process is simple. No more having to accept a spot price from the pawn shop you walk into! Our business is getting you top dollar from the pawn shops we partner with.

Learn more about our service and the other options we provide for collateral loans, such as gemstones, jewelry, and even designer handbags.

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