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How to Pawn Jewelry

Things You Need to Know Before Pawning Jewelry


What are the things you need to know before pawning jewelry or other precious gems and metals? People can need a collateral loan or other pawnbroker service for many reasons, few of them pleasant. However, that’s no reason for the pawn process itself to be a negative one. Dodge the timesink of jockeying with a bank only to be rejected for a loan: follow VerdeLoan’s tips for how to pawn an item such as a ring, necklace, or watch at a great value. Pieces of jewelry are among the most common items that we handle for collateral loans, so we know how to get a great price for that diamond ring.


Pawning Your Jewelry vs. Selling Your Jewelry Online


Selling your valuables may seem like the best option on the table for getting your hands on fast cash. But using them to secure a pawn loan may be a better option for you. To pawn or to sell? Using a pawn shop’s services provides unique benefits that aren’t available to people who sell their items. Consider these perks:

Keep your valuables

You don’t need to say goodbye to your engagement ring. A collateral loan will securely hold onto your gold or silver at the pawn shop until the loan is paid off. Then your item is returned to you.


Get the money fast

You don’t need to go to the trouble of posting your jewelry online, waiting for a buyer, negotiating a price, and waiting for their transfer to clear. With a service like VerdeLoans, you don’t even need to leave your house to get your money! 

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Use the same collateral repeatedly

If a piece of jewelry is good for one loan, it’s good for a dozen. You can pawn it repeatedly to get your hands on the needed cash, reclaiming it when you can pay your loan off. 


Safe and secure

With pawnbrokers, your chances of getting scammed are next to zero. Pawn shops are financial institutions and must abide by strict regulations at multiple levels of government. Online jewelry buyers and sellers are essentially unaccountable. If you want to protect your rights, it’s best to go with a pawn shop. 


 How Does a Pawn Shop Work?


You may have heard about pawn shop procedure from the History Channel’s reality show Pawn Stars, featuring the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, NV. However, the process is misrepresented and sensationalized for television, to a degree. In real life, pawning is simply another term for a collateral loan, and can trace its roots back at least as far as Ancient Greece. Jewelry and other high-value items have been pawned for thousands of years. These days, musical instruments, consumer electronics, tools, art, antiques, and even firearms can be pawned or sold, depending on the regulations in the pawnbroker’s region. A pawn shop is by nature a financial services provider, and is subject to strict regulations regarding short-term loans. These loans are based on the value of the item or items used as collateral.


Pawning Gold or Silver Jewelry for the Most Cash Upfront


In order to pawn a valuable item online effectively, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Research is a vital first step. Check on the current price of gold to see if you can get a more favorable price, or if it might be worth waiting for a trend to swing to your advantage. Other factors that influence the value of your item(s) to a pawnbroker are:

  • How fine your jewelry is. Higher quality work, or purer quality metal, is understandably of greater value. 

    • Gold jewelry is typically produced at either 10 karat, 14 karat, or 18 karat purity. Pure gold is 24 karat, but gold is too soft a metal for most jewelry to be viable; hence, adulteration with metals such as nickel, copper, or silver. 

    • Silver is rated on a different system: instead of 24-karat representing the purest concentration of gold, silver is measured in parts per thousand. This is called the silver standard. Your jewelry could be .800 quality, also known as German silver. This is a low quality silver, by jewelry standards. Sterling silver is commonly used in jewelry, and also silverware. It has a quality of .925. Fine silver has a quality of .999 or higher. Like pure gold, it is unsuitable for use in jewelry but may be found in silver bullion bars or commemorative coins.

  • Whether or not your jewelry is easy to resell. An elegant but relatively unadorned ring, or fine gold earrings, will likely sell more quickly than someone’s name embossed on a gold necklace, which is a more specific item with a smaller potential market. Similarly, it is easier to sell diamonds in a finger ring or earring than a navel ring or anklet, as there is more interest in the former items than the latter.

  • Whether the item has a high resale value. Some items retain their value, while others are less appealing once used. Some items will not be of interest to the majority of pawnbrokers. Gold coins, bullion bars, or other investment gold pieces should be sold to a specialist buyer.

How to Photograph Jewelry for Pawning


To pawn jewelry online, such as via VerdeLoans’ convenient doorstep service, you need to communicate what it looks like via a photo. This means taking a clear, well-lit photo of the item, showing it in its entirety. Make sure the color, size, and quality are accurately represented in the photo. Don’t hide any flaws: these will be identified later by the pawnbroker’s assessors. If the item is broken or missing pieces, include as many of the pieces as possible in the photo.


Why Should I Pawn My Jewelry?


Pawning items is a quick and easy way to borrow money. There’s no application process, no credit check involved. Your loan amount is based on the value of the item, or collateral, you put up. If a poor credit score rules out traditional loans, pawn shop loans can be a lifesaver. You can reacquire the item when you pay back the loan, or simply sell it to the pawn shop. The shop will offer somewhat less than market price; they are a business seeking profit— but when it comes to loans, you can feel comfortable knowing they are bound by the same regulations and laws that ensure that banks and other financial institutions do not prey on financially vulnerable individuals. 


Get a Pawn Loan for Your Jewelry or Watch


VerdeLoans offers opportunities for pawn loans based on the following high-value items.

  • Jewelry

    • Necklaces

    • Rings

    • Earrings

    • Bracelets

    • Anklets

    • Pendants

    • Brooches

    • Tiaras

    • Hairpins

    • Cufflinks

  • Watches

  • Diamonds

  • Precious stones

  • Luxury handbags (e.g. Chanel) 

Pawn Loans for Personalized or Inscribed Jewelry


VerdeLoans is able to provide pawn loans for engraved or otherwise customized jewelry pieces which feature precious metals and/or precious stones. We also accept items with inscriptions, deformed or broken items, or items with missing pieces.


About Our Collateral Loan Services


VerdeLoans provides financial services to individuals, families, and small businesses. If you are running short of cash, you have unplanned expenses, or even if you’re planning a vacation or to expand your business services, VerdeLoans can help you meet your financial needs. We provide instant cash loans from $5 to $25,000 on your valuables. We accept gold, silver, fine jewelry, high-end designer bags, and more.


Our pawn process is streamlined to be fast and hassle-free.

  • Don’t waste time searching for pawn shops in your area that will take your item. 

  • Receive a preliminary estimate for the loan.

  • Set up a pickup time and location with one of our couriers.

  • Receive a final offer after transferring the item to our free courier.

  • No charge for rejecting the offer: receive your item back at no cost.

  • Money is sent immediately after the offer is accepted and contract signed.

  • Repay your loan over its duration.

  • When fully repaid, the item will be returned to you.

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