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How to Pawn Diamonds for the Best Rate


Do you want to know how to pawn diamonds for the best rate? VerdeLoans is an online service that connects individuals in search of pawn loans with the best rates possible. Depending on the size, cut, and arrangement of the diamonds, the price that pawn shops offer may vary. Selling your diamonds requires not simply accepting the offer for the first brick and mortar store you walk into. Luckily, VerdeLoans’ system offers another way that is more efficient.


Are Diamonds Worth Pawning?


Diamonds are the hardest naturally-occurring substance known to science, and the world’s most popular gemstone. Cut diamonds are known to be incredibly good at catching light and glistening because of their high refractive power. It is this which contributes to their legendary beauty and high valuation. Diamonds are often used in pieces of jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, chokers, and especially gold or platinum engagement rings. It is often in these jewelry pieces that people decide to sell or pawn diamonds. Many pawn shops will gladly accept diamond rings or other jewelry pieces, since demand is so high from jewelry buyers. They are worth pawning under the right circumstances for you to get a good deal.


How Much Can You Pawn a Diamond For?


Pawn shops are businesses that make their money off loans and reselling high-value goods such as jewelry. Typically, they will offer between 30 and 60 percent of the value of your diamonds. This depends on factors such as the condition and quality of the jewelry, the cut of the diamond, and even how adept they are at appraising the value of the stones. Pawn shops pay this because in many cases the person seeking the pawn loan needs money fast and will accept a price lower than its actual market value. Selling an engagement ring or other diamond jewelry independently online can potentially be more lucrative than selling to a pawn store or jewelry store, but potential buyers can take time to come along, and there are some unscrupulous diamond buyers on the Internet that will take advantage of independent vendors.


What You Need to Know Selling Diamond Rings, etc.


Pawning or selling diamond rings or other jewelry pieces such as luxury watches to generate extra money is a good idea, since jewelry typically holds its value well unlike electronics or other comparable high-value products. The best way to ensure that you get top dollar for your stones is by bringing proper documentation. GIA reports are very well-regarded throughout the jewelry industry and go a long way towards establishing the true value of a piece. The value of smaller diamonds drops off quickly. It is best to base your personal valuation off the center stone of a piece: the smaller stones will rarely add much comparatively.


When selling or pawning diamonds, it helps to know your diamond cuts. Some are in greater or lesser demand, and can affect the aesthetic appeal of, or interest in, a particular piece.

Pawn Your Diamonds with VerdeLoans

The easiest way to pawn loose diamonds or pawn diamond jewelry is to go through our service at VerdeLoans. It’s a simple system that handles the most intensive parts of the pawning process for you. You don’t even have to leave your home.


  • Take a photo of the item or items you want to pawn.

  • Submit the photos through our webform. You can complete a submission in just 30 seconds!

  • Receive a preliminary estimate, which should take less than an hour.

  • Set up a pick up time and location with one of our couriers. They will discreetly visit your location and pick up the item at no cost.

  • After examination of the item, a final offer is made with a loan contract.

  • If you reject the offer, your item is returned with no cost.

  • If you accept the offer, money is wired to your account in under 12 hours. All documentation is handled online.

  • Repay the loan over its duration. When it is paid off, your item will be returned to you for no additional fee.


VerdeLoans provides access to pawn loans ranging in value from $5 to $500,000. Our goal is to connect you with the best rates available for the items you’re pawning. We can hold items for up to 12 months, with interest rates starting as low as 1% a month. Find out how much we can get you for your jewels, today!

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